Fly ds167 схема

fly ds167 схема
Simply download the tarball to your ${FreeUSP} directory and extract the files. You will soon have many windows on the screen. xsd has a facility to manage all those windows. At any time you can click on the Window pull down menu of any display window. Note also that in both cases I can affect the line header entries of NumRec and NumTrc by defining them in the mapping file.

Since this is such a small dataset we have the luxury of examining every shot record visually. These arrivals are heavily aliased due to their very slow propagation velocity. Connect the flow for sub-band 1 so that data flows from the splitr through the smutes to the merge.

Most of this noise is backscattered energy travelling around in the near surface and hence traveling across the receiver array linearly at a pretty low velocity. Click on the File pull down menu and detect Select File at which point a file selection gui will pop up. Pay particular attention to the section entitled The Seismic Noise As you examine the data, make a table of any data problems that you see as you go along. You will see a connector line appear connecting the stdout of stft with the stdin of splitr. It takes a little practice at first to get your cursor in just the right place, but eventually you should get the hang of it. Once I enter a file name I will be presented with a menu allowing me to choose any number of trace header values to include with the pick information.

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