Схема магазинов радуга

The other 10 were professional and thorough. I would go to a friend’s house with a bottle of wine or a snack and watch them clean their house. ВАШ ВЫБОР Огромный выбор колясок — более 98 предложений. These companies, which offer the opportunity to make money by selling products and recruiting other distributors, insist they’re not pyramid schemes. Not all companies require a bona-fide customer order before a distributor purchases product. First of all, I like a very clean home. I like how rainbow does clean. BUT this cleaner is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to clean. I think I’d rather clean a port-a-john than this machine.

The floor has very little dirt when I do vacuum and I only have to dust once a month and I live on a dirt road. The vac is great, it’s just not worth 2500 bucks. Торговый Центр «Детская Радуга» — это больше количество детских товаров, собранных в одном месте.

Then, while emptying it, if a piece of hair or dog/cat/ whatever hair or human cell is in it, it sticks inside the water bin. I have to get a paper towel to get it out. Morons! If your carpet never gets 100% clean, then it’s time for new carpet. Then I have to disinfect my kitchen sink and the surrounding area around my kitchen sink due to splatter. Come to find out a month later that the company took a loan out for $4000 for the vacuum. I did not consent to a $4000 loan being taken out for a vacuum. I could have gotten the same product for less than $1000 online. Rainbow does not pay you the complete money to pay for the Rainbow after taxes and interest from the 3rd party lender who pays Rainbow & gave you a loan.

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